Making copying more difficult by randomly distributing different tasks


What you need to know

If you create several question variants of a question, then FELIX can distribute these question variants within a section randomly to the participants.
Thus, depending on the number of available questions, individual exams can be created. Already with, for example, four variants of a question you reduce the risk that exactly the persons with the same question will find each other within a short time for agreement.

Please note that these questions must be equivalent in terms of content and should be backed by these evaluation criteria.
Math tasks with different numerical values.
Development of a concept for a specific task (marketing concept for product XY, health promotion in department XY).

Note: Depending on the setting of your task, the take-home exam might be more suitable for you. Just send a ticket to Learning services if you need assistance.

What you have to do

  1. Initial situation: you have created question variants for several topics and have already created a test from all your questions (see Helpcard 20-060).

    • In the created test there is a section (see Figure 1.1) under which your questions have been inserted.

  2. You now need a new section for each topic that contains your question variants.

  3. Click "Edit content" under "Administration".

    • The test editor will open.

  4. Add a new section under "Add elements" (see Figure 4.1).

  5. Repeat step 4 until you have created a section for all existing topics.

  6. Drag & Drop the questions into the appropriate sections.

  7. Afterwards you have to select in each section at "Number of questions in this section" (see Figure 7.1) how many question variants should be drawn (e.g. 1).
    Save your selection.

    • Each student is then shown, for example, one question from the section.
      The more question variants you have, the more individualised you can make the test.

  8. You can also make the now created sections appear in random order and hide the section titles. You will find all the information you need on Helpcard 20-070 (steps 3 and 4).

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