Using an eKlausur@home master


What you need to know

In order to conduct an eExam@home, you need a learning resource of the type "Test" and(!) an "Exam Course" in which you embed the created test. To configure the exam course, you can use our copy templates (so-called "master courses"). This Helpcard will guide you through the entire configuration of your exam course.

Note 1 - Copy template: Each semester the copy template should be copied and configured. Please do not fall back on your own exam courses from the previous semester. This may cause you to start a new exam run with outdated courses.

Note 2 - Collecting consent forms: you can only use our exam master course if you also collect the consent form for your exam with it. The required consent forms are included as FELIX test in the copy templates. Thus, FELIX automatically checks whether the necessary conditions have been agreed to or not. Without corresponding consents in the area "Declaration of consent" the students have no access to the further course areas and thus also not to the exam! An automatic course reminder will remind students to complete the consent form the day after they enroll in the course.

Note 3 - Taking mock exams: you can use an exam course to take a mock exam (if desired) as well as the real exam.

Note 4 - Authoring rights: you need authoring rights in FELIX, which you can apply for via our service desk.

Provided that you use and configure this master exactly according to our specifications, we can also double-check it prior to your exam.

What you have to do

  1. If you have not already done so, create your test questions in the question pool (see Helpcard Internal link opens in the same window:40-110) [to the Test and e-exams with FELIX video clips].

  2. If you have not already done so, create a test for your eKlausur@home (see Helpcard 20-060).

    • If you have not finished creating the test at this point, you can easily include it later in the course.

    • Name your test according to the following rule including the correct test date:
      [instructor] _[comprehensible abbreviation of course name]_ [yyyy]_[mm]_[dd]_EKLT
      Beispiel: Meyer_BWL_2018_07_14_EKLT

  3. Select the link to the appropriate master course. You must decide whether the exam will take place with or without video recording.
    Link to the German master courses:
    with video recording
    without video recording

    Link to the English master courses:

    with video recording
    without video recording

    • The decision "With or without video recording" is relevant because students must explicitly consent to video recording. In the copy template "with video recording", this declaration is integrated in the FELIX test "Declaration of consent".

    • You will not see all the course elements of the master until you have copied them for yourself.

  4. Copy the course by clicking on "Copy" under "Administration" in the upper left corner.
    Name the course with your exam date using the following scheme:
    [instructor]_[comprehensible abbreviation of course name]_[yyyy]_[mm]_[dd]_EKLK.
    Example: Meyer_BWL_2018 _07_14_EKLK

    • Do not use umlauts and avoid all other special characters except (),/ \,-_. Leave the "Execution Period" setting at "None".

    • The copied master course opens in "Settings" mode.

  5. Open the course editor at the top via "Administration" and then "Course editor".

  6. To rename the course element, enter the title that is displayed in the course in the "Title" field. If necessary, abbreviate the title in the "Title in course menu" field.
    "Save" your entries.

    • The "Title in course menu" is displayed on the left side of the structure. Since the structure is fixed to a certain width, a maximum of 25 characters is recommended.

    • Under "Insert additional information" you can enter e.g. learning objectives and instructions for learners.

  7. Click on "Enrollment" in the course structure (left).

    • The "Enrollment" course element will open.

  8. Click on the "Access" tab and there on "Dependent on date".

    • Now select the time period when your students can register for your eKlausur@home.

    • "Save" your entries.

    • By "closing" the enrollment in time (e.g. 24hrs) before the exam takes place, you prevent unauthorised persons from enrolling unnoticed by you shortly before the exam, submitting the consent form and participating in the exam. You can manually extend the enrollment period at any time (See FAQ EPRUEFUNG-2005).

    • Be careful when entering the desired date: if enrollment is to be possible up to and including, for example, 15.01., then you must enter 23.59 for the time (not 00:00).

  9. Click on the "Visibility" tab and adjust the info text in the "Information if visible and no access" field.

    • Your students will be able to see (outside the period set) that they can only enroll for the eKlausur@home during the time period you have set.

  10. In the "Configuration" tab, leave all the default settings.

    • An (empty) group is already stored. Leave the default setting "Sign out allowed" deactivated.

  11. Under "Enrollment" there is a "Single Page" which is titled "Exam Information".

    • We recommend that you edit this page directly in the course view at a later time.

  12. Under the "Individual Page" there is a forum, with which you can answer your students' questions about the exam.

    • If you do not want to use this forum, block it for learners in the "Visibility"  tab.

  13. Beneath the forum, there is a test course element with the title "Consent form" which enables you to collect the consent forms.

    • Check 7 working days before the exam whether all students have agreed to the consent form (see Helpcard 40-010). If not, please remind students that without it, participation in the online exam is not possible.

    • Consent forms should be received 7 business days prior to the exam in order to organise any substitutions that may be necessary.

  14. Below the "Declaration of consent" you will find the course element "Mock exam".

    • After filling out the consent form, students can access the "To mock exam" course element.
      In the basic configurations, the "Mock exam" test course element is set up in the same way as the "Exam" course element. For example, the test may only be taken once. An HFU quiz is already stored so that students can familiarise themselves with the question types.

    • You can also replace the HFU quiz with your own mock exam. Please note that you may then have to reset the solution attempts - if students have already "used up" the one available solution attempt for the HFU quiz.

    • If you want to include your mock exam, go on to step 16.

    • In order to reset solution attempts, you have to open the "Assessment tool" under "Administration" and click on "Course elements" at "List of all assessable elements" (left). There, bring up "To the mock exam" and then the "Mock exam" below it.

      Then follow steps 4 to 6 of the following instructions: Internal link opens in the same window:FAQ EPRUEFUNG-2040.

  15. Below the mock exam you will find the "To exam" structure element. This structure element contains the "eKlausur@home" test course element in which you will integrate your test in the next step. You can leave all other settings and continue with the next step.

  16. Now click on the test course element "eKlausur@home" below "To exam" (or below "To mock exam" on the "Mock exam" test course element if you want to include a test exam).
    Then click on the "Visibility" tab. Adjust the text suggestion in the "Information if visible and no access" field and save your change.

    • Your students will then be shown when they can access the exam.

    • It is already preset that the test is only visible if the persons to be tested have already enrolled in the "e-Klausur@home examinees" group within the defined enrollment period. This ensures that only the people who appear in your member list are allowed to see the exam.

  17. In the "Access" tab, deactivate the "Blocked for learners" option and activate "Date-dependent". Enter the start date of your exam. Save your entries.

    • The test of the exam will be visible only for the people who are enrolled and from the defined point in time.

    • We recommend that you do not enter an end time for the exam. This allows you to react flexibly and quickly in cases of technical difficulties on the part of the students. The time window for the exam (e.g. 90 minutes) is defined via the "Time limit" in the "Options" tab.

    • At the end of the exam, you should definitely manually block access to the test course element for learners again at this point (Helpcard 20-020 in step 2).

  18. Then click in the "Test Configuration" tab.

  19. In the "Test" area click the "Choose, create or import file" button.

    • The "Search for referencable learning resources" popup appears and you see all the tests you have.

  20. Select the desired test.

    • If you have not finished creating the test at this point, you can easily include it in the course later.

    • When using questions of the type "Free text", "Draw" or "Upload file", a message follows that these questions are to be evaluated manually.

    • The name of the test appears in the "Test" area after "File selected".

    • In the "Correction" section, the option "Manual by course supervisor" should be set in case even automatically evaluated questions have to be corrected manually.

    • Do NOT change the remaining preset settings in the "Test Configuration" tab!

  21. In the "Options" tab, activate the "Time limit" option and enter the duration of your exam.  Save the entry.
    The countdown starts after students have started the exam. This cannot be edited once the time has expired. The time limit will be displayed to students on the test (with end time and countdown).
    We recommend supervising the start as well as the whole exam in FELIX live (see Helpcard 20-020).

    • We recommend that you leave the other preset options as they are.

    • The option "Create test receipt" and "Send test receipt by mail" are already activated. Thus, students will receive an automatic email confirmation after finishing the test.

    • The option "Show question titles" is deactivated. If you want to show the question titles to the students, you have to activate this option.

    • The "Personal Notes" option in the "Options" tab is disabled to prevent students from accidentally entering answer text there that is then not saved.

    • The option "Show max. points of question" in the tab "Options" is preset. If you do not want to show the max. points of a question to the students, then you have to deactivate this option.

  22. Check whether a green tick is displayed at the top right under Status. If this is not the case, then click on the number marked in red and remedy the reported problems.

  23. Publish your changes by clicking on the red cross (top right). Select the "Yes, automatically" option to publish the change.

  24. Define sharing: Select the "Settings" under "Administration" and click on the "Sharing" tab. There, select the option "Open" for "Access for participants of the organization". Select also the option "Never" for "Participants can leave by themselves" and save your changes.

    • Your course will then be freely accessible to students. However, this only takes effect when you later (for example, after we have cross-checked) also set the status of the course to "Published".
      The exam will only become accessible at the set time.

  25. Close the administration with the red cross (top right).

  26. To edit the "Information about the exam" page click (in the course view) on the course element on the left. You can edit the page with the pencil icon (right).

  27. If you want to use the forum, move the slider in the top right corner of the forum behind "Changes" to "On". This way you will be notified from FELIX as soon as a question is posted in this forum.

    • Write a welcome post and make it clear there how you will use the forum for your students.

  28. Now, as the owner, start the preview of your test in the eKlausur@home module for checking purposes. To do this, click on "eKlausur@home" (under "To exam") and switch to the "Preview" tab on the right. Start the preview by clicking on "Start". Check whether all questions are displayed correctly and whether the displayed test title matches the exam title.

    • Entries you make as the owner are not saved and you can start the test as often as you like.

    • In the Participants tab, you can observe the exam live at the time of the exam in the same way as the assessment tool, or do the correction after the exam. Currently there is no data that can be displayed here.

  29. If you want to have your exam course double-checked by the Learning Services department before it becomes visible, then fill in the email "eKlausurMaster ready" in the email templates (on the left in the structure) with the appropriate information and click on "Send" (at least 5 days before the exam is to be held).

    • If necessary, first close the course editor by clicking on the red cross in the upper right corner. The email templates are located in the course view.

  30. Change the status of the course: before you send the course link to your students, you must publish the course. It is best to wait until the course has been checked by us.
    To do this, select the "Published" option above Status in your course.

  31. If  the enrollment is already active, send the link to this course to your students, asking them to enroll in the eKlausur@home course and to submit the consent form by the deadline (at least 7 working days before the exam).

    • You can find the "External Link" to the course by clicking on "Course Info" (light bulb) at the top centre and then at the bottom of the screen.

    • You cannot use the "Info to students" email template until you have sent the link to this new course to your students in another way and your students have then fully enrolled in this course. Until this has happened, the course will not have any participants.

  32. If necessary, enter other persons who should have access to the master or later to the exam results as co-owners.

    • Click on "Member Management" at the top under "Administration" and then on the "Add member" button at the top. Search for the corresponding person and enter him/her as "Owner" in the master course as well.

  33. Tip: the view of a course owner differs from that of a course participant.
    For example, as an owner, you can access the exam outside the defined start time. When you edit the test, no test data is saved.
    If you want to simulate the participant view, follow Helpcard 10-021.

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