eKlausur@home - Viewing of exam


What you need to know

FELIX can display automatically evaluated questions and - if manually corrected in FELIX - manually evaluable questions clearly for a viewing of the exam paper.

What you have to do

  1. Open your exam course in the "Authoring" tab.

  2. Click on "Data archiving" under "Administration".

    • The "Data archiving tool" opens.

  3. Select "Test" from the menu on the left.

  4. Then click on "Archive" at "eKlausur@home" (in the middle).

    • A window will open. Select "Save file".

  5. Save the file to any location on your computer.

    • The zip folder will be saved.

  6. Right-click the zip folder and select "Extract all".

    • You must unzip the zip folder in order to display the results correctly.

  7. In the window that opens, you can again select a location for the unzipped files or leave the default (folder will be unzipped to the previously selected location).

    • The zip folder is unzipped and saved to the desired location.

  8. To show students their results, click on "Results" and then on the "index" file.

    • A page with an overview table opens.

  9. Select the relevant student.

  10. By clicking on "View" you will get a clear presentation of the individual student's results as well as the sample solution entered in FELIX and your entered comments.

  11. You will also receive an Excel file in the unzipped folder, which you can use for correction outside of FELIX.

Problems or questions?

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