Checking receipt of consent forms


What you need to know

If you use our examination templates (master courses) for your examination, you can also use them to collect the consent forms required for the online examination. The necessary consent forms are integrated as a FELIX test ("consent declaration") into the copy templates (so-called master courses).
FELIX automatically checks who has agreed to your online exam with the desired conditions.

The consent forms should be available 7 working days before the exam in order to be able to organise possibly necessary substitutions.

In addition to student and exam information, other statements must be made in the consent form depending on the set-up.
These include:

- Consent form for online examination
- Sworn statement regarding the proper administration of the online examination
- Final declaration
- Declaration of consent for the use of video recording (only for examinations with video recording)

What you have to do

  1. To verify receipt of consent forms, you must first create an audit course using our process.
    Different exam courses are available, depending on the type of exam:

    - oral exams/exams outside of FELIX (see Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:10-010).
    - eKlausur@home (see Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:20-080)
    - Take-home exam (see Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:30-010)

  2. Open your exam course in the authoring area and navigate to the "Consent form" course element.

    • An overview table is displayed.

  3. In the "Passed" column you will see:

    ....a "Passed" for those who have agreed to all conditions.
    ... a "Not Passed" for the persons who did not agree to one or more conditions.

    • If the column "Passed" is not available, configure it according to your wishes by clicking on the settings icon (gear icon) on the right above the table.

    • In the "Attempts" column, you can see that there may be several attempts here. This is because the consent form can be filled out several times. The last submission is binding and then appears in the overview table in the "Passed" column.

  4. You find "Failed" in the column for a student(s)?
    To find out which condition was not agreed to, proceed as follows:

    • Click on the relevant name.

    • An overview of the user opens.

    • Click on "Results" at the end of the row in the last completed test (usually the top test, recognisable by the "finished on" column).

    • The detailed results will open. You can immediately see in the "Declaration of consent" section which question was agreed to (green tick) and which was not (red cross) or which was not answered (orange circle).

    • Click on "Jump to section" for "Consent forms/Declaration of honour".

    • You jump directly to the section and there you can see which question was not answered or answered with "No".

  5. Students who have not completed the consent form or agreed to the terms and conditions will not be able to access  the exam course element.

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