Setting up Cisco AnyConnect on Android

VPN 10-050

What you need to know

The Cisco AnyConnect software allows you to access only internally released services of the university from outside. After connecting, you are a participant in a virtual private network (VPN) and will receive an IP address from the address range of Furtwangen University.

To carry out the installation, you need a working internet connection and Android 4.X or higher.

What you have to do

  1. Search for "AnyConnect" in the Google Play Store or use the following link and install the app "AnyConnect ICS+".

  2. After opening the app for the first time, the terms of use are displayed. Confirm the terms of use with "Accept".

  3. After the app is installed, launch it and click "Add new VPN connection..." on the home screen.

  4. Enter a "Description" (this is freely selectable - here in the example "HFU") and enter as server address. Then confirm with the "Done" button.

  5. Activate the connection with the slide switch behind "AnyConnect-VPN". Then enter the data of your HFU account under "User name" and "Password" and then click "OK".

  6. Check the box in front of "I trust this app." and confirm with "OK".

  7. The VPN connection is established and you can access internal services of the university.

Problems or questions?

IMZ | IT-Infrastructure Services

Log a support request with the Service Desk under "Netzwerk / WLAN / VPN" at