WLAN 10-030

What you need to know

eduroam (education roaming) is the recommended wi-fi connection at HFU for use with an HFU account.

With eduroam, you have wi-fi access to the internet at all participating universities worldwide. You can find out which other universities are participating at

Follow the recommended settings in this guide and always keep your end devices up to date with the latest software.

Urgent recommendation:
For security reasons, it is necessary to install a security certificate to use eduroam.
For Android devices: see Helpcard cert-20-010.

Helpcards for other operating systems are in progress.

What you have to do

  1. Requirements

    • You have an HFU account (HFU username and password).

    • You are using a current device with one of the following operating systems:
      Windows 10, Linux, Mac OS X, Android (6.x or later), or iOS.

    • You are in the wireless local network (WLAN) - wi-fi area of HFU or a participating university.

    • Your device has been configured to use eduroam.

  2. We are currently working on a solution to some problems with the automatic configuration with CAT we have been experiencing.

  3. Manual configuration of the terminal device

    • Turn on your wi-fi.

    • Select the SSID "eduroam" from the wi-fi list displayed and connect.

  4. Settings

    Most current operating systems find the correct settings on their own, only prompt for authentication and, if necessary, ask for certificate verification. To check this, here are the settings in detail again:

    • Type: WPA2/Enterprise

    • Authentication : Protected EAP (PEAP)
      - Certificates : We strongly recommend you import the certificates
      - Authentication : EAP MS-CHAPV2
      - Establishing the connection : Enter username/identity and password

    • Please enter your user data:

      Username: [HFU username]@[]
      Password: [your Furtwangen University password]

      Example for members of Furtwangen University:
      Marta Mustermann is a student at Furtwangen University. She uses the following access data:
      HFU username:, this corresponds to [username of HFU account]
      Password: [password of the HFU account]

      IMPORTANT: Do not use your e-mail address as username!
      This is often confused.

  5. Using eduroam

    • Select "eduroam" in the wi-fi list and click "Connect".

    • Your device should now be connected to the internet.

Problems or questions?

IMZ | IT-Infrastructure Services

Log a support request with the Service Desk under "Netzwerk / WLAN / VPN" at